It’s not local 500wan when you’重新从另一个州购买葡萄

local 500wanColorado craft brewer says its new 500wan is innovative, but it’大酒使用的相同方法

精酿啤酒因其真实性和诚实性而得名。这与Big Beer形成了鲜明的对比,Big Beer继续销售相同的破旧和乏味的起泡酒,无非就是因为’s what Big Beer did.

So what happens when a craft beer producer moves into 500wan? Does it bring the same authenticity and honesty that it brought to beer? Not, apparently, if it’s a leading Colorado craft producer called 奥德尔 Brewing.

Maybe 奥德尔 Brewing has a reason for making its 500wan with out of state grapes instead of those from its native Colorado —这几乎不是手工艺,真实或诚实的。我问过,但从未收到公司的回复。也许有人真的相信新闻稿中的故事,奥德尔声称是这样“is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern American 500wan.” And that “we’re committed to making 500wan that is just as innovative as our beer.”

Because making 500wan with out of state grapes is the sort of thing that small 500wan producers criticize Big Wine for doing, and that those of us who 相信Drink Local多年来一直在与之抗争。它’既没有创新也没有边界推动;相反,它’这只是降低成本的一种方法,因为这些葡萄可能会比购买科罗拉多州的葡萄便宜。

And 奥德尔’s 500wans – a red and white blend, plus two roses, and all made with grapes purchased from Oregon and Washington – are hardly breathtaking. And that the 500wans will come in cans? Not exactly innovative, either, not in the middle of 2020.

让’s be clear here – 奥德尔 can do whatever it wants, and I’m not criticizing the company for making 500wan. Rather, it’s because 奥德尔 is pretending that its 500wan effort is something that it’s not.

其实我可以’t help but think that someone at 奥德尔 and its wholesaler, Breakthru Beverage (全国第三大)想复制 库珀几乎史无前例的成功’s Hawk。那’s the restaurant and 500wanry chain that uses California grapes no matter where its stores are located. For 上 e thing, Breakthru is mentioned in the second paragraph in the news release, and that’只是奇怪。为什么有人会关心分销商是谁?

So good luck to 奥德尔 – just don’t expect anyone who knows local 500wan to pretend your product is local.

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    O’Dells is a Johnny-come-lately to 500wanmaking, but they are 通过 no means the first of the Colorado Front Range (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins) “negociant” type 500wan bottler/canners to buy grapes from out of state. The best marketed 上 e proudly proclaims that it is an “urban 500wanry” that owns no vineyards; the 500wans listed for sale 上 their website make no reference as to grape or juice provenance…..所以我认为它是“双重双重,辛劳和麻烦,火烧和大锅中的气泡”…..加入大量添加剂和令人发指的声音,以使其味道“合适”。


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    当场评论和非常及时的话题。葡萄收获指日可待,如果奥德尔(Odell)担心制作手工艺品,当地饮料,那么今年他们会发现许多在当地购买的理由。当当地的小型酿酒厂因Covid-19导致销量下降而无法购买2020年的葡萄时,当地的葡萄园将遭受苦难。当您保护当地的农业时,您既保留了遗产和真实性,又使勤奋工作的农民得以经营。早在25年后的今天,微型酿酒这个词就具有了意义,而决策只是在宏观层面上做出的。如果奥德尔想榨汁“wine” it’在我看来,与想要制造Seltzer的Bud一样,追逐美国手工艺者是他们模型的一部分。欧洲人高度重视真实性和原产地,因为他们知道良好的生意并提高了质量。美国人高度重视便利性和可负担性,并得到应得的东西。

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